CBSE latest news for Class 10 and 12

CBSE latest news for Class 10 and 12


CBSE latest news for Class 10 and 12 is launched in their website.

In our country, more than three thousand positive cases of coronavirus have been reported. Due to the global epidemic, the government has announced a lockdown till April 14 in the country. Like other sectors, the education sector is also affected. However, the institute is operating a new platform for students sitting at home. Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE and MHRD have taken some significant decisions. And has provided some guidelines for principals of connected schools. Read about them further 

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Recently, CBSE has issued a notice. Through this notice, the students are about a mobile app. The name of this app is Arogya Setu. CBSE has appealed everyone by sending a notice to download this mobile application and use it.


  1. The board has clarified that the Ae app is available for both Android and Apple stores.
  2. The threat of Corona will warn, the Central Government has prepared the app under Public-Private Partnership (TripleP).
  3. Arogya Setu Ape has been created to fight Coronavirus (Kovid-19).
  4. The government believes that this app will help people to know how much they are at risk of infection with coronavirus. This app will warn if there is a risk of disease from the Corona.

CBSE has sent a separate notice to all the principals to appeal to their teachers, students and parents and other staff about this app. With this, an appeal has been made by CBSE to all students, teachers, parents and other members of the team to light a lamp, candle, torch etc. outside the door of their house or standing in the balcony for nine minutes on Sunday night.

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Digital platforms provided by MHRD: In addition to the NCERT calendar, during this time, teaching and learning can also continue with the help of comprehensive digital learning platforms focused on providing content linked to and curated by the curriculum.


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