Covid-19 Breaks Students’ Dream of Studying Abroad


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21-year-old Trupti Luthra was on the seventh sky a month ago after receiving a clearance letter from Deakin University in Australia.

Still, now she keeps sticking with news channels all day to get an update of news coming from around the world about the coronavirus.

Her dream of studying abroad is now full of uncertainty. Thousands of students are facing this problem like satiety.

For Anushka Ray, who is preparing to study in New York for the session starting in September, the current situation is going to be a morale break.

However, this didn’t allow him to break any of his plans.

On the other hand, Tara Osan, who got their acceptance letters from many colleges, including Canada and Italy.

Now believing that this is the time to prepare Plan B and apply to colleges in the local area or within the country.

There are many students who had dreams of studying abroad that are now drained down or laid back due to the lockdown implemented in different countries.

Which are of course, for everyone’s benefit, however,

it’s safe to say that this pandemic has delayed important things for many of us.

Classes and visa procedures have been suspended worldwide due to the situation arising from Covid-19.

Luthra said she had plans to pursue a masters in architecture from Deakin University.

She was to arrive there soon and was waiting for her graduation exams to be over.

She wanted to go there before classes started, to find an internship with finding a home for herself.

But now it seems that time came to a pause.

She didn’t think of applying within the country, and due to the economic downturn,

the option of doing a job or internship also seems far-fetched.

Tara, a student of Shriram School, wants to study advertising in Italy or Canada.

It’s important to note that students, like Tara, who choose IB courses, have already planned to study abroad.

Saying that studying abroad is not possible this year and now he will prepare Plan B and start applying to colleges here.

Anushka, who aspires to study Liberal Arts in New York, has not canceled her plan yet.

According to ‘Study Abroad’ consultants, the situation is grim and may have an impact on the long-term plans of many people.

According to Anupam Sinha, who runs Study Abroad Consultancy in Delhi, many students have already gotten their admissions.

Still, now they are revisiting classes online and with no clarity about the situation.

Till now, paying considerable fees to students who wanted to stay abroad, just for taking online courses, does not seem like an attractive option.

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Stay safe out there.

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