What is Education ? Why it is Important

What is education ?

What is education ? If you want to understand the definition, meaning and purpose of education in detail, then this article is a great opportunity for you!

If you are preparing to give a speech on education. Want to write an article on education? Preparing for the competition exam? Necessary in the end!



What is the definition of education

What is education and what is the definition of education? The answer of this question is not as easy as we think it is!

Before the definition of education, try to understand the idea of ​​Gandhiji and Vivekananda!

According to Mahatma Gandhi

“By education, I mean all around and good development of the body and mind and soul of the child and man”.

According to Swami Vivekananda

“Education is the manifestation of the inner and perfection of man”.


Meaning of education

Looking at the word education, it is known that education is a Sanskrit word which means to learn or to teach or to learn! While education in the English language is called education!

Education means right, know, whether they learn from your parents or society or school and college!

It is not that people are educated only by reading books! We can get education through any means!

Mankind is one such social creature who strives to educate his children the most! Any person who has any type of education or learning is called literate in society!

When a person completes his education through his efforts and he becomes a skill and valuable by staying in the society, then that person can be called educated in the true sense!



Definition of education

“Education is a process in which man acquires knowledge that makes him valuable in society. Education”

Which is called the process of preparing man intellectually, which makes him mature with life, and education to develop decision making powers.

Jnana ‘An activity acquired from a school or university or a parent who imparts skills to a person is called education’


Education objectives

What should be the purpose of education, individuals can be different and different according to circumstances and place! The main objective of most people is to become a good person after earning an education! But education today is more focused on professionalism!

Earning money is not only education! Antisocial beings also make food arrangements for their living! But he has not been able to be civilized in society! An educated person helps and facilitates society in many ways!

The aim of education is not to develop personal powers because man is a social animal. Personality should develop according to the society in which we must give social values ​​and principles a place in our education!

The purpose of education is not just to get a degree. Education makes human character pure and beautiful! Education makes us flexible, variable and adaptable to nature!

People who have been able to change themselves according to different circumstances!

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