Daily Makeup Tutorial💄

Daily Makeup Tutorial💄

Money cant buy happiness , but money can buy makeup. And a good makeup can make you happy as well as confident.

So coming towards our main content lets be genuine . We know that we all love to look attractive and unique , people say that inner beauty is all we need but to express it externally and be confident we need something more. It depends upon the way you dress up and represent yourself. When you dress in a good attire and makeup , you feel confident internally and externally too.

A good makeup and attire adds more glam to your charm.

A good makeup and dress up is all require or need. So moving towards my main content , we all have ideas how to get a glam makeup for parties and functions. We usually go to salons and get our makeup done, but there’s always a desire within us that we could get that makeup done everyday but we think its impossible because no one would go salons everyday. Many of us know to do makeup but not everyone and its an underlying desire within us to learn to get the best makeup done for our everyday look whether its going for schools, colleges or office. We all desire to have a kind of light makeup which do not look patchy and overdone.


So we all know a little few things about makeup process but its a bit confusing which cosmetic should be applied before and which after and for a good regular makeup it matters that the process goes accordingly. Okay, so i am here to clear all your doubts and address you , how you can get a good makeup done for yourself without running to a salon.

Genuinely here i am going to tell for your daily makeup look not for a party or function but you can follow it for a party look too as the cosmetics used here are totally included in that but there you need to do a more glam work upon yourself. And the best part about your daily makeup is that its affordable and available at your closest store but for more exclusive brands you can either go for online shopping as there are multiple options and collections.

Lets know start our makeup procedure. For making clear and understandable to you i have mentioned the cosmetics below in an increasing way from 1-15 which are required for a glam regular look:

  1. A hydrating moisturizer.
  2. A Primer.
  3. A Liquid Foundation.
  4. A Concealer.
  5. A Compact.
  6. A blush and a brush set.
  7. A highlighter.
  8. A loose powder.
  9. An eye shadow palette.
  10. A Mascara.
  11. An Eyeliner and a Kaajal ( black and white/nude)
  12. A light shade lipstick.
  13. A lip gloss or a lip balm.
  14. A makeup setting spray .
  15. An eyebrow pencil.

Well above here are many cosmetics but these are available and in order to keep yourself up you can get them but be sure of the brand you are selecting, invest a little more but get a good brand . Once more i would say that these are very pocket friendly because you can get them all below $50 and these would last up to 3-4 months if regularly used and it also depends upon the quantity of your cosmetic.

So now i would tell you how to start the makeup procedure step by step . Follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly get your face washed and pat dry it with your towel.
  2. Now take up your moisturizer and apply it all over your face and don’t forget to apply it on your neck. Do a good massage by moving your fingers all over your face.
  3. Now after applying moisturizer, wait for 5 minutes and apply a primer to give a base to your makeup.
  4. Take your concealer and apply it below your eyes, below chin , on your cheek lines and to the area where you have dark spots or any marks.
  5. Now take your foundation and apply it over your face over the concealed and non concealed area also include your neck area.
  6. Take your compact and apply over your face and neck including eye area.
  7. Take your blush and put it over your cheek lines in a very light quantity.
  8. Now lets move to our eye area. Firstly take an eyeliner and apply on you eyes in a very fine stroke or a very thin line.
  9. Take your kajal and apply it over the waterline of your eye. I would suggest a nude shade or a white shade as it will make your eyes look a bit sparkling.
  10. Now apply mascara over your eyelashes in an down to up movement.
  11. Now take your eyebrow pencil and apply over your brows only between the empty spaces. use it very lightly.
  12. Take your lip balm and apply over your lips . Now apply a light shade lipstick or gloss over it.
  13. To set your makeup you can use the makeup setting spray.
  14. And you are now done with your makeup. Open or tie up a pony of your hair or you can even get a messy bun or braids with it.

So these were the steps how you can get your daily makeup done. For first time it ma take an hour to do it but later on you will be used and will do it in 15 minutes. It may look lengthy but its very easy and comfortable to your skin and will look very simple and appropriate for your daily getup. I would also mention some of the precautions you must take or some important things that you must follow. I have enlisted them similarly below here:

  • Always be sure that the cosmetic you’ve bought matches to your skin tone. you must match the shade of cosmetic according to your skin tone.
  • While taking out the makeup, always use soft cloth or makeup wipes and then you can wash your face with a cold water.
  • Never use eyelashes to your daily makeup as it will look very patchy and awkward over a regular simple makeup.
  • Always be sure that the product you are using is of a good quality or a trusted brand.
  • Never apply a lot of blush because it would destroy all your look , always use it in a very light quantity.

So this was the daily makeup tutorial procedure. i hope it would help you for the next time you go for a daily makeup look. lastly i would conclude that you are beautiful and makeup is just a way which makes you feel confident externally. Your inner beauty matters the most because adding a smile adds a charm your soul as well as your makeup. A good makeup will make you look good but by adding a smile you add a glam and charm to your personality.

Thank you for reading.


Vaidehi Singh.

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