How to keep your skin hydrated during summer☀

A healthy skin not only glows up your skin but your soul too.

Okay so either men or women, everyone desires for a healthy hydrated skin especially during summers. Well yes we all want a good glowing hydrated skin during summers. As compared to winters we need to drink lots and lots of water during summer . The amount of water we drink is directly connected to the health of our skin. People often say or you must have heard that a person who drinks lots of water have a good glowing and a healthy skin. Well no doubt its truth and we all can observe it when we don’t drink water our skin appears dry and patchy and also looks stressed.

Why actually our skin loses its glow during summer? The reason behind it is that we have different skin texture and it behaves differently to different weather conditions. Different climate results disorders to our skin and give rise to some diseases like skin cancer etc . During summer there occurs extra water loss from our body which makes our skin dehydrated due to the heat around us. And this needs to be balanced by drinking required or maximum amount of water i.e – 7-8 L. Or We can alternatively use some hydrating creams or serums which keeps our skin cool during summers. Well ill suggest you a few ways how you can keep your skin hydrated and cool during summers.

So lets start , here ill drop few ways how you can keep your skin hydrated and glowing during this climate:-

  1. Drink lots and lots of water during the season i.e – between every 2 hours try to have at least half litre of water. Doing this your liver will cool down and your skin cells will get hydrated by supply of water in your body.
  2. Wash your face twice or thrice a day. If you stay at home you can wash once in the morning and second time before sleeping but if you go out, make sure you wash your face after coming back to home.
  3. You can drink some fresh fruit juices and detox drinks like- lemonade , orange juice, mango shake, sugarcane juice, watermelon juice, cucumber juice etc. these will also help your skin to be hydrated.
  4. You can have fresh fruit salads comprising of seasonal fruits including watermelon . Fruits like watermelon and cucumber have high concentration of water in themselves its also good for your stomach.
  5. Always use washed and clean towels to wipe your face and must wash your bed sheets and pillow covers regularly.
  6. Always use a sunscreen over your face and body before going out during daytime.
  7. Use a hydrating moisture, serum or gel over your face before sleeping to keep your skin externally hydrated.
  8. Also you can apply face masks which makes your skin feel cool like- sandal face pack or fuller’s earth clay pack. It really gives your skin a cooling sensation and your skin becomes smooth.
  9. Always try to stay in a cool area or cool room during summer . Try to be under fan because sometimes due to much heat our skin starts getting rashes.
  10. Apply ice cubes over your face to exfoliate your skin cells and open up the pores.

So these were some general and easy ideas which will help you. These are generally homemade tips while few other cosmetics are available at your nearest stores and for more choices and range of products you can explore them online. I hope this information helped you.

Thanks for reading.

Written by,

Vaidehi Singh.

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