26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

26/11: 10 fast facts you should know about 26/11 mumbai terror attack.

26/11 Mumbai terror attack.
Image courtesy: Wall Street journal

26/11 is one of the darkest days in the Indian history. This day in the year 2008 faced a devastating terror attack in different places of mumbai. This Laskar-e- taiba attack costed approximately 166 deaths and major property destruction of Taj hotel and Nariman house.

  1. It started on 26 November and lasted till 28th November.
  2. The motive behind this attack is Islamic terrorism.
  3. This attack was pre-sketched. And invloves 10 members from Lashkar-e-taiba organisation, based in Karachi.
  4. Ajmal Kasab , the main attacker confirmed their identity, that they belong to Laskar-e-taiba.
  5. They divided into 5 teams after reaching India.
  6. They carried out 12 consecutive shooting and bombing attacks in different areas of Mumbai.
  7. The areas included are Leopold cafe, CST railway station, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberai Trident, Cama hospital and nariman house.
  8. The weapons used are AK-47, grenades, RDX.
  9. MARCOS played a crucial role in rescuing people.
  10. In this attack 150 plus people died and more than 300 people wounded.

26/11 Mumbai terror attack.
Image courtesy: India.com The civilians who lost their lives in Mumbai terror attack.

Pre 26/11 terrorists movement in towards inland.

Well, the plan was sketched months ago. On November 21,2008 the terrorists left Pakistan via waterways. In order to escape from radars they hijacked Indian trawler and warned captain to sail inland on 23rd November. Upon reaching India they killed the captain. Then they divided into 5 teams and did various explosions.

Hindustan Times Kasab’s confession

How were the 26/11 terrorists trained?

As per the Kasab’s confession, they were trained to do this stuff. At the outset, they trained few youngsters including kasab and his co for a month. Upon reaching their expectations they have chosen 10 out of trained and allowed them for further 3 months training. In the training they were provided with blueprints of the city and prominently of Taj palace. Then the trainers declared them as fit for mission. The trainers asked the trainees to set out with the mission and accomplish it. Through out the mission the authorities were in touch with the culprits.

What were the terrorists going to do after destruction?

Kasab reportedly confessed that they were all going to die after the destruction. Because the only occupation of them was killing and dying. When got arrested kasab was pleading the police to kill him at some instance. He told, if the trainers get to know that he surrender himself, his family would be at stake.

How did the terrorists get into this?

Kasab belongs to a poor family. So his father asked him to do so in order to get the remuneration. He reported ” They said I will be able to live a decent life afterwards.” and adds “My sisters will be married off easily”. In fact , he along with other boys were all influenced; by regarding this as some spiritual work. On the contrary, when asked about islamic preaching he was dumbstruck as per the movie screening on the incident.

What mistake did Indians do on 26/11?

The major setback of ours during that time was media coverage. Because the terrorists used Indian media as an information source and took the consecutive steps. And that became their strength. Although it was not intentional help yet that proved to be the grave mistake of ours.


Though it occurred more than 10 years ago, yet this night continues to haunt the Indians as nightmares. Because common man’s and civilian’s blood shed was irreplaceable. Although the police and especially the MARCOS did a fantastic job inspite of loosing their dearly colleagues.

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