How to Become a Fashion Blogger in India?

It is good to say that you are looking for How to Become a Fashion Blogger in India? But you are getting confused about how to begin a fashion blog, yet don’t have a clue where to start? Beginning a blog today is pretty simple; however, it’s challenging to be effective and become a fashion blogger in India and make money from it. 

In case you’re energetic about Fashion and style, you’re most likely following the top fashion bloggers in India on Instagram. A fashion blog furnishes them with a stage to get out their thoughts regarding the matter and presents a considerable number of chances. 

You’d be shocked to perceive the number of ways fashion bloggers make money from their sites. Here is a definite post on becoming a fashion blogger in India and getting you out with your excursion. Also, we’ll offer a few hints on the most proficient method to earn money from it.

What is a Fashion blog?

Fashion Blogger in India

So what is a Fashion blog? Is it Instagram? Or then again writing? Are you puzzled? A fashion blog is approximately characterized as a blog or Instagram post, or YouTube channel to advance life, design, and many more.

As an independent brand of the individual extends, you’ll see increasingly more content around cosmetics, style, travel, excellence, health, innovation, and so on. Fashion blogging for a blog seems like an ideal leisure activity or a worthwhile side work. Isn’t that, right? Be that as it may, it can likewise turn into your essential wellspring of pay.

Who is a Fashion Blogger?

Fashion Blogger in India

A fashion blogger is an individual who writes down articles about Fashion and style in his/her blog, publishes photographs of outfits, recordings style shows. A fashion blogger is a sort of blend of a writer, model, and stylist.

How to be a Fashion Blogger in India?

Fashion Blogger in India

To be a Fashion Blogger, you have to know a ton of things about Fashion. If you don’t have a lot of thought regarding Fashion or Fashion Designing. You can decide on courses like Diploma or Bsc in Fashion Designing.

Or you can search for the best fashion designing course online. Where you get the chance to master everything about Fashion and Fashion Designing, and later on, start your blog alongside work or your very own Boutique. It is always great to have a back-up. 

Do you even need to Start a Blog to Become a Successful Fashion Blogger in India?  

Fashion Blogger in India

Moreover, we all know that nowadays, A fashion blogger is a new profession, which joins joy, craftsmanship, style, and vocation in the design world. Today, there are numerous online journals and locales about Fashion and style. Be that as it may, 90% of them are obscure and disliked. 

Nonetheless, to become a fashion blogger, you need karma and writing aptitudes, yet you also need to realize how to make and advance a useful fashion blog. Let’s be honest: Blogs require a great deal of time and exertion. 

Fashion bloggers need to style, compose the content, deal with their website’s backend, plan their format, actualize an SEO methodology – the rundown goes on. Writing for a blog likewise requires more significant equipment (for example, a PC) and monetary assets, something numerous individuals who need to get into writing for a blog can’t manage. 

Fashion Blogger in India

Instagram, then again, is a visual stage where we can easily upload photos and includes captions. And keeping in mind that it’s reasonable, some Instagrammers put enormous measures of exertion into their feeds. Dealing with an Insta account is significantly less unpleasant than running an all-out blog. 

Instagram likewise makes it simpler to discover and draw in with others on the stage that share comparable premium or specialty markets. What’s more, similar to Google Analytics, Instagram experiences gives its user’s nitty-gritty information on their crowd and commitment rates. In general, it is the more straightforward choice out of the two decisions.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram and get paid?

Fashion Blogger in India

Depending upon your exceptional image of Instagram content, your level of commitment to your crowd, you can earn money on Instagram. Turning into a partner (affiliate marketing) and making a commission selling other brands’ items. By making and selling a computerized item or offering a paid help. 

If you have a lot of traffic on your blog, you can join an advertisement network to organize and monetize your blog. Some of the top fashion bloggers in India 2020 make 4-5 lakh consistently through advertisements on their sites.

By suggesting items they use and love, fashion bloggers can procure a fortune by sharing subsidiary connections on their blog through social media. Whenever one of their perusers buys the item now and again, even days or weeks after the fact, they get a commission.

Why fashion blogs and fashion bloggers are important? 

Fashion Blogger in India

We face a daily reality that is evolving every day. Individuals with mobile videos are rapidly getting more trustworthy than obsolete journalists. Kids are more amusing than industry secured VIPs and in the realm of design.

The eyeballs are in motion to the styles, imagination, and web-based media. Indeed, you don’t have to see it to trust it; you’re now living it.

What are all the things you require or do before beginning a Fashion Blog? 

Fashion Blogger in India

Remember that Blogs don’t get renowned when you publish them. There is a ton of work that goes behind creating it popular. You will require both energy and constancy to become an effective Fashion Blogger in India.



Before you set up your blog, do a ton of exploration of the sorts of themes you need to expound on. Sort out who you will contend with. Do a little research on contenders and see what they are doing.

Figure out what is working out for them and check whether you can consolidate those things into your blog.

Domain Name: 


For those of you who don’t have a clue what is a Domain Name. Domain Name is the name of a site. E.g., is the domain name of Twitter. I trust you get its significance. 

Domain Name is how individuals will have the option to get to your blog, and, significantly, your blog’s name should be the domain name. 

Site improvement and Social Media Marketing: 

SEO optimization and Social media marketing is very much important for a fashion blogger in India.

SEO is how you cause your blog to show up on Google when somebody looks on Google about terms identified with your blog. Social Media Marketing is how you can expand the number of followers & engagements to your Social Media profiles. 

Be alert; being a top fashion blogger in India or anyplace, particularly on Instagram, is severe and troublesome. The chase for additional followers can be demanding, however not unfeasible.

Since we are discussing a Fashion Blog, an Instagram page is an unquestionable requirement have. Facebook and Twitter are suggested too.

Gain proficiency with the Basics of Coding: 

Even though there are platforms with drag and drop plan choices, you won’t have full oversight over the platform. It’s in every case better to learn in any event rudiments of HTML and CSS. Those of you who don’t want to learn to code can opt for WordPress websites simple and practical.

What are the best free blogging platforms that allow ads to generate income?

best free blogging platforms in India 2020

It has likewise become significantly simpler to set up a blog. Setting up a blog is pretty straight forward also. In light of the platforms, you can create an account and afterward set-up the blog from that point on. It’s pretty straightforward and intuitive. Let us see what the platforms are: WIXWORDPRESSMEDIUM, BLOGGERand TUMBLRand many more.


Whether you’re utilizing your Instagram as your fundamental “blogging” platform or merely keeping it as an expansion of your blog, it’s overly essential to keep it genuine on the ‘gram. The top fashion bloggers in India or anywhere get the opportunity to explore different avenues regarding the content.

They are not limited and can explore as much as they need.You can embed the link to know the top 10 most expensive clothing brands in the world 2020. For consistent updates in sustainable style, a mindful lifestyle follows us on social media: 

Instagram and Facebook.BONUS: In an easy way to know how to become a fashion blogger in India? Always focus on these two essential things: Share Quality Content Focus on Building your Brand 

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