Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

Who doesn’t love having a strong eye make-up game? Well, every other girl on the planet love having an out of the box eye makeup but things get messier when one wears glasses. There are plenty of hacks that help women look beautiful with glasses. Therefore, having glasses is not an excuse for having a bad makeup. It’s hard but not impossible for girls who wear glasses to have a perfect eye makeup. If you are one of those whose eyes hid behind those frames. So, here we are with some simple tips and tricks to ace your eye makeup. Find out below some makeup tips for girls with glasses.

Makeup tips for girls with glasses:

1. Use shimmery eyeliner:

People with glasses are often asked to wear eyeliner that is shimmery and lighter than the shade of their frame. It is done so that the eyeliner doesn’t get lost in the big picture of the frames. Also, most common trick is to apply thick eyeliner so that the glasses don’t overpower your eyes. Strictly avoid using black eyeliner as it can be a bit too much for a person who wear glasses. Shimmery eyeliner adds texture and warmth to the eyes.

2. Use eyeshadow that suits your eye color:

It is often recommended that people with brown and blue eyes should wear brown shades. It totally depends on you about your color preferences but if you really want to ace your eye makeup game then you should go for colors that compliment your eye color. Also, don’t forget to use darker colors to make your eye look pop out.

3. Highlighter to stand out:

You can go for a highlighter after applying eye makeup. This enhances the color of your eyeshadow which makes your eye makeup standout. Even when you have your frames on, you can ace the game. Pro tip is to use a glittery highlighter so that it compliments with the color of your eye shadow.

4. Use eyelash curler:

Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

Eyelash curler is a must if you want to make your eyes look bigger. Big and broad eyelashes add extra beauty to the eyes that makes them look perfect. Curling or flipping your eyelashes with an eyelash curler is a perfect fit to ace an eye makeup. It is also important because it prevents your eyelashes from hitting your glasses.

5. Use mascara:

Use dark mascara to add volume to your eyelashes. A smudge proof mascara is mostly recommended so that it doesn’t rub against your glasses and destroy the good feel of an eye makeup. Pro tip is to use mascara on the top eyelashes. You can avoid using mascara on the tip of eyelashes.

6. Use white eyeliner:

Professional makeup artists recommend using a white color eyeliner on the lower water lines of the eyes. However, this make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

7. Use under eye concealer:

One should use an under eye concealer to conceal the dark shadows created by the glasses. If you don’t use an under eye concealer, your eyes will look swollen and baggy. Therefore, it is recommended to hide your dark under eyes behind the concealer.

8. Blend foundation well:

Don’t forget to blend your foundation well. Try to bridge and blend the foundation well around your nose and cheeks. It’s important to settle down the foundation you applied on your nose because otherwise it sticks to your frames. And you don’t want your expensive frames to look otherwise.

9. Use powder:

Use setting powder on the areas where your glasses touch your skin. It’s important to prevent the rubbing off the foundation. Therefore, it is recommended to powder your skin before wearing your glasses.

10. Ace your brows:

One of the major things to keep in mind while doing your eyemakeup is to shapping your eyebrows. People feel just because they are hidden behind a glass frame they doesn’t need filling but it is very important to do so. Try to fill in your eyebrows so that they create a bigger and better picture of your eyes.

11. Use tissue:

Before starting your eye makeup, make sure to use a tissue to remove any excessive oil on your nose, face or areas around eyes.

12. Use oil free primer:

It is very important to use an oil free prime while doing your makeup. This makes the area around your nose and eyes oil free which ensures that the glasses don’t slip.

13. Avoid wearing fake eyelashes:

The more natural you keep your lashes, the more edge it adds on to your makeup. Try experimenting minimal with your eyelashes.

14. Use a moisturizer:

In order to prevent red marks that glasses leave behind, one needs to apply moisturizer to soften the red marks. The moisturizer not only helps in softening but also remove blemishes if any. BB creams also help to get rid of any redness on your skin and make your skin redness free.

15. Use a magnifying mirror:

If you are long-sighted, you can use a magnifying mirror to enhance the size of your eyes so that it gets easier for you to apply makeup. Its easier to apply makup with a hand magnifying mirror. Because, it helps in highlighting your makeup.

16. Bold lips:

To balance your overpowering glasses, you need an equally bold lipstick that makes a statement. Bold doesn’t mean red and glossy, it can be any shade as long is it shimmers and compliments your eye makeup. Try to use matt shades of lipsticks. They are shiny and glossy yet minimal to compliment your frames.

These are 16 basic makeup tips for women who wear glasses. But most importantly never forget to experiment with your looks. Play with colors that you like or add shimmer and glitters according to your preferences. Go pro with these makeup hacks in minutes and learn to look beautiful with glasses.

Never let yourself down with your makeup game, ace your makeup and win the glam. Do let us know makeup tips for girls with glasses if we have missed any.

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