Top and Most Famous Fashion Bloggers in India – 2020

Here are some Top and Famous Fashion Bloggers in India, 2020 with the most noteworthy devotees and best Content. 

Fashion comes in each part of life: behavior, attire, hair, creation, style, or adornment. Everybody has their style of doing these things. Some have a fashion in their blood, some learn it, and others need some coach who can exhort them on finding their style. 

Prior, design darlings just had loved ones who could give style tips. However, the Fashion Bloggers in India made it workable for everybody to get great style counsel. 

There are various best fashion bloggers in India, 2020 who comprehend body types, shading, culture, pattern, climate, and other significant components that influence style. They have an answer for each issue in their imaginative manners. In this way, on the off chance that you are looking for your sort of most famous fashion bloggers in India-with comparable tastes to enhance your style.

Let’s discover and explore your wellspring of fashion tips.

Why are Fashion Bloggers in India important?


Any individual who doesn’t follow one has to know the significance of somebody who is an influencer or blogger. Fashion Bloggers are refreshed with all the patterns. 

They monitor each new line of garments and recognize what is moderate medium, and top of the line style. They are the best individuals to propose garments, styles, or any extras. 

These individuals monitor all recently launched brands and design tips and help us being refreshed. These famous fashion bloggers in India have an organization of style masters and every one of those engaged with the business to make it simple for individual devotees to realize what to put resources into.

Top Male Fashion Bloggers in India: 2020

Here are a couple of conspicuous top male fashion bloggers in India who make envy in men and rouses them to receive a style that is fun and tasteful.

1. Jatinn Jay

We’re absolutely in amazement of his dressing style – Jatinn Jay must be outstanding amongst other Indian male fashion bloggers in India as his style says a lot with regards to moving looks. A design stylist by calling who cherishes road style – you must follow him to redesign your closet.

Instagram: 83.9k followers

2. Usaamah Siddique

Usaamah is profoundly perceived for his blog “The dapper label”. His concept of turning into a full-opportunity blogger came to fruition while working for a celebrity stylist. He made a specialty for himself by acquiring new looks without being excessively boisterous.

Instagram: 82.4k followers

3. Shakti Singh Yadav

An enthusiastic fashion blogger, Shakti Singh Yadav is committed to presenting a feeling of inventiveness into style with what is accessible in the storage room, through his blog, “The February boy”. 

His style remainder is a mix of moderateness and class. His affection for OOTD’s and his feeling of imagination exhibited through his photos adds a great component to his blog.

Instagram: 59.8k followers

4. Nikhil Pramila Kandhari

A fashion blogger and a performer – It can’t beat that. Nikhil Pramila Kandhari is the perfect male fashion blogger in India to follow for the day by day outfit motivations. 

His blog speaks to the best of his styling tasks to rouse you to redo your closet. Follow him now to know about style!

Instagram: 50.3k followers

5. Akshay Sharma

Be it a beachwear look or a conventional look – We can’t deny Akshay Sharma’s style has unquestionably grabbed our eye. 

You must follow him in the event that you might want to try different things with some out of the crate looks. His odd dressing style makes him one of the top male fashion bloggers in India to follow for the correct sort of motivation.

Instagram: 40..2k followers
Website:Never stay sober

Top Female Fashion Bloggers in India: 2020

1. Komal Pandey

ProfessionActor, Model, Blogger, YouTuber,
Date of Birth18 June 1994
Birthplace New Delhi


This style blogger in India is a model with regards to reasonable and moderate design. Komal Pandey would rather show her fans how to make a lehenga out of saree (without cutting it) at that point talk about how dazzling a Manish Malhotra design is. 

Her style is one that any Indian young lady will picture effectively in light of the fact that it’s reasonable. It isn’t stunning that she is one of India’s most popular fashion bloggers on Instagram as well on YouTube, India.

Instagram: 1.2m followers
YouTube:951k subscribers

2.  Kritika Khurana

ProfessionTraveling and Style Blogger, YouTuber,  Instagram Star
Date of BirthJune 19, 1993


In 2016, She began her self-named YouTube channel. She runs a mainstream blog with the name ThatBohoGirl. She has modeled for Pantene India. What’s more, she shares design and Makeup tips on her Youtube.

Instagram: 1m followers
YouTube:364k subscribers

3. Aashna Shroff

ProfessionBlogger, Social Media Influence, YouTuber
Date of Birth4 August 1993
Birthplace Mumbai


Aashna is one of India’s leading fashion bloggers, India. She likewise showed up on TEDx where she gave a helpful discourse. Aashna has her own online page known as The Snob Shop that she began in November 2013 

According to reports, her total assets is ₹37 crores. She likewise earns money from brand supporting and her YouTube channel. She has embraced brands like Maybelline, Lux, NYKAA, Pantene, Estee Lauder, Gucci, and she additionally has tip-ups with different brands.

Instagram: 829k followers
YouTube:184k subscribers

4. Santoshi Shetty

ProfessionIndian Fashion  and Lifestyle Blogger
Date of Birth17 December 1993
Birthplace Mumbai


She supports many fashion brands. Both she and her sister Shreya Kalra are famous Indian fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Instagram: 719k followers
Twitter:3k followers

5. Juhi Godambe 

ProfessionFashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and Instagram Star
Date of Birth12 May 1994
Birthplace India


Juhi is one of the tops and most popular fashion bloggers in India, 2020. Her astounding fashion awareness and simple to reproduce looks have truly taken our breath away. 

Her blog has been included in industry distributions, for example, The Peacock Magazine. She established the high road design line Arabellaa. Her looks have the embodiment of road style design and class.

Instagram: 434k followers
Twitter:4.38k followers

The Bottom Line

Being elegant and state-of-the-art is the thing we generally need. The correct tone and the correct outfit consistently increment our certainty. Looks, haircuts, and extras—all these basic components assume a significant part in causing our look and cause us to feel certain. 

Our way of life vigorously relies upon our looks, yet would we be able to sort out our style isolated? Perhaps at times, however, proposals consistently settle on our choices better-and these bloggers give simply that. 

Fashion isn’t about wearing large brands.However, it is an approach to speak to your feelings and temperament.

Which these above most popular fashion bloggers in India, 2020 clarify easily. All the above bloggers are sharing their style tips with their inventive thoughts, and these styles can be utilized as extraordinary outfit motivations. 

So why style yourself alone when they can be your accomplices? Follow them and experiment with all you need. On the off chance, that you are searching for more you can associate with us and figure out how to Become a Fashion Blogger in India? 

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