Top 10 Youtubers in India list- September 2020 and Earnings

Top 10 Youtubers of India

List of Top 10 Youtubers of India. Youtube is a great platform to showcase your art & talents. And Youtube is one of the top free video streaming platforms with millions of audience. So you guys must be wondering who are the Top 10 Youtubers of India. So here we have come up with the list of Top 10 Youtubers of India and their earrings & subscribers.

Top 10 Youtubers of India List

10. Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai is India’s popular Independent artist. He is a rapper and he has composed many popular songs like “Machayenge”, “Phir se Machayenge” and “Samjh mein aya kya”. Which has 185M, 248M & 117M views. Bantai is also seen in Gully Boy movie. Many people believe Emiway got popular after his controversy with Raftaar. While others believe he has got there with his real talent.

On his starting days, he was even rejected from platforms like India’s Got Talent. But later he proved everyone wrong. He has raised from slum areas, and today he is a true inspiration for others.

Youtube Subscribers- 12.2M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 20lacs

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9. Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr Vivek Bindra is India’s one of the leading Motivational Speaker & Business Consultant. He regularly uploads videos on his youtube channel, where he shares business tips and case studies. He is also the founder of Bada business. Where he does a business seminar and teaches entrepreneur & businessman.

He is truly a great speaker and his videos has diversely changed many businessman’s life.

Youtube Subscribers- 13.7M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 16lacs

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

8. Fact Techz

Rajesh Kumar is the man behind Fact Techz. He makes videos on topics like amazing facts about life. His channel is based on facts, and his videos are interesting and you will surely learn new things.

Youtube Subscribers- 14.4M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 15lacs

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

7. Round2hell

Round 2 hell youtube channel was started by 3 friends. Nazim, Asim & Zayn they started this channel way back in 2016. They make explicit content which is appreciated by many of their fans. Their videos are funny & hilarious. But you have to watch their alone with your earphones plugged in.

Youtube Subscribers- 15.5M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 14lacs

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

6. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is India’s top motivational speaker. He is the only person who has not monetized his channel yet. His videos are helpful to everyone and helpful is making life’s decision.

Youtube Subscribers- 16.7M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- NIL

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

5. Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji is a youtube channel started by Gaurav Chaudhary. His channel is India’s top tech channel. He makes tech review, opinion & tech news videos. He surely uploads 2 videos on a daily basis which makes him different from other tech YouTubers.

Gaurav had many controversies with his fellow beings. Many people have accused him of many reasons. IN spite of that he is a successful YouTuber.

Youtube Subscribers- 19.9M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 25lacs

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

4. BB ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is a youtube channel started by Bhuvan Bam. The channel is all about the life of Bhuvan. He only plays all the character of his videos. His videos went viral in Pakistan and then gradually he became popular in India too. He was the first individual in India to cross 10M subscribers.

Youtube Subscribers- 19M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 12lacs

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

3. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Ashish Chanchlani is India’s funniest YouTuber who lives in Mumbai. His many videos and dialogues went viral like ” tu mere baap ko janta hai” & ” bijili ka bill tera baap badhega”. He has also a collab with many film stars like Sahid Kapoor. And Ashish has also worked in many web series.

Youtube Subscribers- 20.4M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 14lacs

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

2. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is popular for his desi styles. You can watch his videos with your family. His dialogue went viral ” master bhi khete ishe na padhna, naam hai iska amit bhadana” He has a collab with many filmstars like Ajay devan, Akshay Kumar.

Youtube Subscribers- 21.3M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 15lacs

YouTube Channel Instagram Account

1. Carry Minati

Carryminati is a youtube channel which is started by Ajey Nagar. He was popular before. But he gained great popularity after his controversy with youtube vs TikTok went too viral. Then after he made the song ” Yalgar ” which also went viral.

Youtube Subscribers- 25.5M

Estimated Youtube Earrings (Monthly)- 10lacs

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