Top 10 fitness and health influencer in India

Top 10 fitness and health influencer in India

Top 10 fitness and health influencer in India

Fitness and health influencers in India

Top Fitness and health influencersFitness has been more than just a pretty body, and the concept has been evolved to so much more. Top influencers around have shown us the idea of fitness to be more of mental peace, a better lifestyle, healthier food options, and kindness.

This generation is not only hooked on dating and beauty. This era of people has understood and implemented health and fitness into their lives. Fitness and health ought to be shared with a different meaning in different people’s life. Here, we will talk about ‘Top 10 fitness and health influencer‘. We will know all about their lifestyle, Fashion, health tips and much more.

Top Instagram influencers are known to manage the art of learning their audience and connect with them; that’s what makes them one of the people on the list. There have been many fitness influencers spreading awareness through their social media handles. Top Instagram fitness influencers are:

Questions Answered in this Blog:

Top 10 fitness and health influencer in India

Top fitness influencers in India

Top fitness influencers on Instagram

1. Sahil khan

One of the well-known fitness influencers in India is to be Sahil khan. This former actor has formed a well-defined place for himself in the fitness influencer list. He owns a gym called life fitness India. He has also been awarded the dada Saheb Phalke award.

However, he started his career in a music video and later started in some Bollywood movies. Sahil is famous as India’s official aesthetic king. He has been influencing people for a fit lifestyle through his social media handles.

His Instagram handle is @sahilkhan; he has 6.4 million Instagram followers. He is co-owner of different nutrition brands, namely divine nutrition, the brand deo, hunk water, my fitness, biceps India.

2. Prince Narula

One of the well-known people of reality television. Prince Narula has been a significant fitness influencer socially. He has a following of 3.4 million, and his Instagram handle is @princenarula. he inspires a lot of youth through his social handles. He is known as the real king of television because he has won many television reality shows.

He started with MTV roadies, and then it went like winning splits villa 8, big boss 9, Nach baliye 9. He is married to Yuvika Chaudhary, whom he met during his big boss nine show. He is a believer in fitness and a great aesthetic. That’s how he lands on the male fitness influencers of India list.

3. Bani j

She is a very well-known video jockey and actor in Bollywood . she is mostly known for her fitness regime. She influences a follower of 1.3 million through her Instagram handle @Banij .

She has a muscular body covered mostly with tattoos. She is bold and aesthetic to her form. She shares workout plans and a healthy diet to her followers, inspiring them towards a fit lifestyle. She follows strict gym training, thereby becoming a fitness diva to her followers.

4. Yasmin karachiwala

@yasminkarachiwala on Instagram, with a follower of 844k, inspires people through her Pilates and training posts. Yasmin is a certified trainer and instructor of Pilates. she is the owner of Yasmin’s body image, which is started two decades back. It was a kind of fitness class on aerobics and palates. She is known to train Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and Katrina kaif.

5. Namrata purohit

Like her father, Namrata is a pilates instructor, Samir purohit; her father was the Pilates studio’s founder. She is a well-known celebrity Pilates instructor and has also written a book called the lazy girl’s guide to being fit. this was a youth-driven book.

And many people seemed to be influenced and relate themselves to the reader. @namratapurohit being a top influencer of the Instagram community, has a total follower of 305k, growing every day with more effort.

6. Ranveer allahbadia

Ranveer is known as @beerbiceps in the Instagram community with 992k followers. He is an entrepreneur and well-known figure in men’s style and fitness programs. He had a medical history, which makes him connect him to his followers over a sensible connection.

He has undergone a gall bladder surgery at the age of 16 and two more surgeries later that year. He is dedicated to a fitness regime to maintain a healthy lifestyle and influence in doing so.

7. Shweta Mehta

@Theshwetamehta has followers of 461k on her Instagram handle. She is famous as the winner of MTV show roadies’ season 15 . she had a career as a software engineer.

Today, she is a successful bikini athlete and fitness enthusiast and is extremely popular in her online community for her bodyweight training. She has also won the jerai women’s physique in 2016 and represented our country at the Asian bodybuilding championship in 2016.

8. Sonali swami

A mom to two kids @sonali_swami maintains a follower of 298k. She is an international athlete herself and has won the bronze medal winner at the WBBF Asian championship.

She started bodybuilding and weight fitness training at the age of 37. Today she has made her mark in the fitness world and the top Instagram influencers list. She is also a well-known fitness coach and even a TEDx speaker

9. Shweta pal

@shwetaapal with 283k follower count in the community. Shweta is the brand ambassador of wolfram athletics. Fashion, fitness, lifestyle, beauty, health and travel blogging falls into her field of work.

She sticks to her authentic aesthetic and connects with her audience to make it to the fitness influencers list.

10. Guru man

With a massive following of 1.4 million, @gurumann also has a bachelor’s degree in BS exercise and sports science/nutrition science from California state university; guru man is a 38 years old advanced fitness trainer, nutrition, strength and conditioning specialist.

He is also a renowned fitness author. He founded GMSA fitness academy and GM nutrition.

These are the “Top 10 fitness and health influencer in India” that are brands and audience favorites. They have taken the fitness industry in India to the next level. You can surely follow them for daily health and fitness tips. Do let us know your favorite fitness influencer in the comment section below.

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