Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers On Instagram

Beauty is one of the most searched niches in the Indian market. In an aspiration to achieve perfection, people now have started following beauty bloggers who are perfect in their field. Everybody loves to make every minute count. Thus, they follow tips and tricks from women who have an edge in their domain and are top 10 Indian beauty bloggers.

Beauty blogging hasn’t just provided fame and money to the bloggers but also have made them as an idol to many. If you are one among those who follow the best skincare and beauty tips, so this blog is the right place for you. Here, we will talk about ‘Top 10 Indian beauty bloggers on Instagram in India‘. We will know all about their lifestyle, Fashion, beauty tips and much more.

Here are the Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers on Instagram:

1. Kritika Khurana:

Kritika Khurana is a Delhi based beauty blogger who is extremely into Bohemian Fashion, and thus she is @thatbohogirl on Instagram. She is not only a self-made beauty blogger but also holds a degree in Fashion and design.

She has her youtube channel with 323K subscribers and also runs her e-commerce store named ‘The Hype’. The girl is full of beauty skincare tips, and you can follow her to know more about her lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogs.

2. Gia Kashyap:

Another beauty blogger in our list is Gia Kashyap. She is a simple yet extraordinary beauty blogger. Therefore, Gia produces engaging content related to beauty and Fashion.

She is on Instagram with the name @giasaysthat.

She not only runs her Instagram page but also conducts master classes for the people who are keen to learn beauty tips and Fashion. So, if you are new to this field, you can always have her guidance. Also, she has the eye of a reader. She is one of those beauty bloggers who create magic with their simple and elegant content.

3. Ankita Chaturvedi:

You can surely follow @corallistablog to keep your Instagram feed knowledgeable yet engaging. From honest reviews about beauty products to skincare beauty tips, she got it all covered for you. Her meaningful content is the reason for her fame and popularity.

She also runs a youtube channel with more than 700 K subscribers. She is the first preferred choice of most of the beauty brands. Suppose you want someone who could guide you through honest product reviews before purchasing. In that case, you can surely visit her Instagram handle.

4. Sherry Shroff:

Sherry Shroff is a witty and humorous beauty blogger. She has content right from skincare tips to fashion tips. Her content is fun to watch as she includes a lot of humor in it. She does beauty tutorials and hauls videos, mostly.

The beauty content she creates on her Instagram, as well as youtube channel, is rightly targeted to newbies who are looking for glamorous beauty tips. With her content, she not only tries to make the beauty hacks comfortable but also easier to experiment.

5. Shreya Jain:

Another beauty blogger who is here to steal your heart is Shreya Jain. She is trying to bridge the gap between beauty standards and reality with her beauty videos. Shreya creates fun makeup tutorials and skincare routine.

Her domain of creation lies in beauty care tips for people. She also has her brand names SJ Merch. If you can stalk her Instagram, you will find beauty creativity on some other level. She creates unique avatars with her talent.

6. Santoshi Shetty:

You can follow Santoshi to take a major day to day beauty and travel tips. She tries to bring a lot of relatable content to her audience by the speaking reality of her daily life.

Brands love Santoshi for her effortless creativity and realistic brand approach. Keeping it simple yet impressive is the fashion and beauty mantra of this diva.

7. Vasudha Rai:

Leading beauty blogger, Vasudha Rai is all shades of talent. She is a beauty columnist, Yoga teacher and former beauty director. She loves to experiment with her clothes, beauty hacks and makeup.

Vasudha has also published her debut book Glow. She is a very outspoken and bold lady when it comes to her work. She has been into the field of beauty blogging since 2002, and since then there has been no turning back for her. You can find her reviewing some of the best products in the market. She tries to bring honest reviews about the products on the table.

8. Deepica Mutyala:

The South-Asian beauty blogger and CEO of Live Tinted, Deepica Mutyala is a boss lady. She is an inspiration to many young women who want to achieve it all in beauty despite fake beauty standards.

She brings skincare videos on her youtube channel that goes viral within seconds. Her style and aura are different, and her creativity is on some other level. You can check out for some great beauty tips for keeping your skin healthy.

9. Malvika Sitlani:

Yet another beauty blogger who is very famous in the country is Malvika Sitlani. She is famous for her glamorous, gorgeous selfies. She creates content that is out of the box and meaningful for her audience.

Famous for her makeup tips and tricks, Malvika is also a model. She was also starred in the first season of India’s Next top model.

10. Mrunal Panchal:

Famous for her tik to videos, Mrunal is one of the most loved beauty bloggers of India. Her domain lies in makeup and skincare routine videos. She tries to add creativity to her videos by adding transitions and effects.

She also runs her Youtube channel named Gujju Unicorn, where she shares her lifestyle, beauty and fashion videos. You can see her doing a lot of promotions from some renowned brands. She only made it to the list because of her unique beauty statements.

These are the ‘Top 10 Indian beauty bloggers of India‘ that are brands and audience favorites. They have taken the beauty industry in India to the next level. You can surely follow them for daily beauty and wellness tips. Do let us know your favorite beauty blogger in the comment section below.

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